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Following are some very important security tips for you, if you are also maintaining an online bank account or are going to maintain in near future.

Always Bear in Mind That:

Bank will never ask for any confidential information such as passwords, customer ID, credit card number, PIN, CVV, date of birth and so on over an email!

A phishing email will normally have a tone of urgency like Your account will be temporarily suspended and therefore please login to keep your account active. Remember: No bank will send such emails to its customers!

If you are doubtful about the credibility of an email, NEVER click on any link in the email. This may trigger malicious code being installed on your PC.

Before you share any information on a website in response to an email, always assure that the URL shown in the email matches the URL of the bank's website. If it doesn't, discard such emails

Check for the yellow security pad lock icon at the bottom right side of the webpage in your browser, when you are connected to your net banking website.

Here are few Important Action Points that you should always remember:

1. Keep your PC updated with the latest Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware software. There are many great free security tools available for your PC

2. Install a Personal Firewall on your PC to protect your account

3. Keep your Operating System updated with the latest security patches

4. Do not click on links or open attachments in unknown or unsolicited (spam) emails

5. Do not to make purchases on unknown sites or sites whose credentials are doubtful

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