Salam Semua..

Thanks udah ke my BLOG.. Disini qta saling berbagi pengetahuan aja. Saya akan kasih semua ilmu saya ke anda.. Jadi Klo anda butuh informasi.. Gak Usah Rusuh.. Gak Usah Banyak Bacot.. Dah Diem Dan Baca


1. All in 1 SEO pack- This effectively simplifies the process of optimizing your posts for the search engines. You just fill in the title, and a short description, and the all important keywords. Then, when you update, you get the

2. Podpress- This would make sense of course being that we are talking about Podcasting How To. Once configured, this clever little plugin will allow podcasts to appear on your blog posts when you put in the command [display_podcast]. It is rather clever to be honest. It detects all the necessary components of your podcast that is has to.

3. Max Blog Press- Psychic Search- this plugin will let you know what phrases people are typing in to view your blog... what a useful thing to know!

4. Asikmet- All blogs worth their salt would have this plugin. It stops spam, and we could all do with a bit less of that.

There are many other plugins, hundreds actually, but for our purposes- making a podcast these are the primary ones you need. It can be worth researching other ones though as we all have different needs and desires.

Gabung YUk