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Thanks udah ke my BLOG.. Disini qta saling berbagi pengetahuan aja. Saya akan kasih semua ilmu saya ke anda.. Jadi Klo anda butuh informasi.. Gak Usah Rusuh.. Gak Usah Banyak Bacot.. Dah Diem Dan Baca


Many people of Internet users who join the social as Facebook, Twitter, Google mediaand others, which have increased in recent years. For people who love their tweets and status updates, the thief was on the other side will raise with a focus on intelligence occupied for theft and identification of Internet users.

This is where the issue of security on the Internet and the anonymity of this. However, you can remain anonymous and be controlled privacy, what others see and know of their time online. Anonymity is a very important function of a personal website or profile.

There are several things you can do to stay anonymous on the Internet. Remain anonymous on Twitter, Tweet tweet advise on SecretTweet secret and confidential. It is also important to not use real names or e-mail in your profile. You don't have a list of sites in the user profile. Your password must not be easy

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